Blind Man Who Won Lottery Asked Strangers To Determine If It Is Real! The Results Were Shocking!

Honesty is a huge thing for mankind. It is a measurement of how good are you on the inside. But honesty does not only apply when someone is looking, it should also be applied even when there is no one to witness what you are doing. 

A YouTube user named Johal acted out as if he was a blind man. He was wearing a pair of sunglasses and carried a cane. Johal was around the block looking for random individuals who would help him determine if the lottery tickets that he is holding really won the prize or not. 

During the first part of the video, he was around the area that has 'rich people' both of the person that he asked claims that the lottery ticket did not win any amount, but they stole the ticket from the blind man. 

When the social experiment took place in the 'poor area', he asked the homeless people about the ticket. Surprisingly, both of the respondents told him the truth and congratulated him claiming that he won 500 dollars.

This is only a proof that those people who know how it feels to have nothing will not do something to take away anything that does not belong to them. 

Source: Johal, RachFeed

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