Bright Sphere Light Mysteriously Formed In The Skies! Is The End Near? Check This Out!

There are several videos of strange occurrences in the skies making rounds over the social media sites. These videos often creates a tension between the religious and scientific people. 

A great example of these videos is the one that hit the online world. It was taken in the skies of Costa Rica. As seen on the video, there was an unexplained bright light that was seen in the skies. 

People claim that it was the first time that they have ever spotted something like this. It was forming like a sphere shaped light in the sky.

The people who were passing by started to film the strange happening on the skies of Costa Rica. 

When it reached the online surface, it quickly gained the attention of the netizens. Some say that it might be a sign that the end is near but some says that it was just pure coincidence. 

Source: TrailersDriveIn

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