'Budol Budol' Gang's Newest Modus Operandi Busted By A Woman!

Thieves would do anything just to be able to get something from others. Even if it means taking away something that does not belong to you.

A new modus operandi was busted by a woman named Shamie as she was in a mall in Robinsons Pala Pala when a woman approached. At first, the woman was friendly and asked her to take a picture of her for her family in Cotabato to see.

Then, she would also ask if she could see the photos. But afterwards, Shamie was accused of stealing the phone which really belongs to her.

Good thing that the woman did not fall for the trap. The woman was shouting screaming and claiming that Shamie needs to pay her 100 every week.

Towards the end of the video, the woman rushed to get away from the scene that she created in the fear that the authorities of the mall would catch her.

Source: Shamie Caguitla

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