Got Problems With Your DARK LIPS? Try This Homemade Natural Remedies!

Dark lips is a major problem when it comes to people. Especially now that we are living in a society that defines what looks good and what does not. Many people claim that they want to look more presentable to be able to gain more confidence. 

Do you have dark lips than the natural color? Well, worry no more because we have found the easy way to lighten up you lips in a quick and home made remedy.

This would not be including expensive surgeries or treatments. The ingredients could be found in you kitchen. 

For this, you will be needing some honey, brown sugar, lemon and some almond oil.

First off is to pour some honey over a container then mix off with brown sugar and lemon juice. Then apply to the lips gently. After that rinse it with water and gently massage some almond oil. 

Do this every night before you go to sleep and see the results!

Source: farahdhukai

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