A Farmer Mysteriously Passed Away From A Tick Bite. What The Doctors Found Out Was Horrifying!

Ticks are just like rats, cockroaches and spider. People are disgusted whenever they see these insects. But did you know that these little creatures could really harm you? They could bring a dangerous disease that could be fatal to a human.

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Based on the reports, a farmer was bitten by a tick who eventually passed away. The doctors were eager to find out what was happening to him. 

After six months of never ending virus, they discovered that the disease that he has was 'Bourbon Virus' which was brought by the tick bite.

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According to the experts, this disease does not have any treatment. It is also different from the Lyme disease that could be caused by the tick bite as well. 

The only person who got the Bourbon disease was the farmer who eventually died because the experts claim that there is no treatment for it. 

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