They Were Filming The Stunning Scenery Until Something Creepy Suddenly Appeared! Check This Out!

A group of travelers decided to visit the stunning cliffs of Okinawa, Japan. There were enjoying the mesmerizing view of the green mountains and blue sky that appears as if they were meeting at one point. 

But something extraordinary was captured on their camera when they were filming the view. They got a hold of a man or a ghost that took off and jumped off the cliff. 

Along with the spectacular view, these cliffs were also known as a haunted place because of the people who attempted to jump on the cliff but passed away. It was known as the 'Suicide Cliff'. 

When the group of friends decided to upload the video online, many people claim that what they captured was really a ghost

Take a closer look on the phantom-like image that would give you goosebumps. 

Source: ManilaFeed

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