He Washed His GF's Hair With Laundry Detergent. What Happened Next Was Unexpected!

Setting up a prank is one of the famous things to do right now. It often happens between couples who find it amazing when they are trying to piss off each other. 

There are different classes of pranks that they could pull off. But this time what happened was supposed to be a revenge but the results were very unexpected.

The boyfriend claims that he wanted to be the one to put shampoo on his girlfriend's hair. He started massaging the shampoo and put on some fake hair along as he shampooed it. 

The he said that some of the hair fell off because he used the laundry detergent. 

His girlfriend got so mad and started screaming when she saw the bulk of fake hair that looked like it came from her head. She pushed her boyfriend in the bathtub because of the anger that she felt after the prank. 

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