This Guy Tore up The Sign Of A Homeless Man. What Happened Next Was Completely Surprising!

Every once in a while it is a great feeling to make someone else smile. Especially those who are in need of a friend or someone to lighten up the load that they are carrying. 

Well, this magician, Rob Anderson found a way to make others happy. He started off by approaching a homeless man who was holding his sign. 

Then, Rob decided to borrow the sign from the homeless man. He started tearing it into pieces. The reaction of the homeless man as he was ripping off the sign was priceless. 

But the next thing that happened was totally unexpected. Because the homeless man did not get angry after his sign was in pieces Rob claims that he needed to reward the man to make him smile. 

He showed him a magic trick that fixed the pieces of the sign into a whole along with a couple of bucks from the magician

The homeless man was completely surprised and he was smiling all the time. He totally nailed making the homeless man happy. 

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