He Stood And Respected The National Anthem While Other Continued To Ignore It! True Filipino!

It is a country etiquette to stand firmly and salute to the national anthem of the Philippines. But as the time goes by, more and more people tend to ignore what they needed to do whenever they hear the National Anthem. 

Well, this man is not like the rest. He is now gaining praises over the social media sites for his undying love for the country as he was caught on camera in a mall in Bacolod City.

Photo Credits: Facebook

Archt. Edwin Mendoza stopped in the middle of the crowded mall, put his right hand over his left chest to pay respect to the National Anthem of the Philippines as it was playing inside the mall. 

Other people continued what they were doing while this man stood there in the middle until the end of the song

The netizens were proud of what this man did. They claim that he serves as a role model to all the people of the Philippines. 

Source: KickerDaily

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