He Had been Homeless For 35 Years Until He Handed A Piece Of Paper To This Woman!

Words are as powerful as any weapon in this world. In times of loneliness, these words could make us feel better. Words always come from the mind of the people who are inspired by true to life stories. 

A wonderful story was created when a 77-year-old Brazilian homeless man named Raimundo Arrudo Sobrinho handed a small piece of paper to a woman named Shalla Monteiro.

Raimundo had been homeless for almost 35 years after the end of dictatorship in Brazil. During the difficult times on the streets, the pen and paper had been his guide all throughout the battle. 

No one knew that he was a great poet and an inspiring philosopher until Shalla decided to create a Facebook page to share all the thoughts and insights that Raimundo had written. 

Many people claim that they were moved by the words that were posted online. The page quickly gained the likes and support of the people. Soon enough, many people brought Raimundo gifts from the community as an appreciation of his beautiful writings. 

But it was not the end for Raimundo, one of his long lost brothers recognized him and was saddened that he had to live in the streets. Raimundo accepted his brother's offer to live with him and saw the wonderful future that awaits him. 

Now, he is continuously inspiring others with her writings and experiences. 

Source: Diply

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