What The Homeless Man Did After The People Gave Money To The Homeless Boy Beside Him Will Shock You!

Huge number of people tend to ignore homeless people, especially when they are at the right age. But what they don't know is that the way they are treating them leaves a permanent scar on their feelings. 

A social experiment was created by the YouTube Channel MoeAndET to test the people on who would they help in time of need. 

The homeless man had been sitting there the whole day but not a single person wanted to help him. Some even claim that he is capable of working to provide for himself. 

Then the brothers let a boy sit beside him to ask for people's help. Surprisingly, a lot of people gave him money. 

While the homeless man was treated like a trash not thinking that they have feelings as well until a man poured food all over him. 

The homeless man went away and when he came back, he bought a slice of pizza for the little boy who was sitting beside him. Despite the fact that he has nothing he was still willing to help the boy out. 

Source: MoeAndET

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  1. This should wear awareness to US. Its just frustrating how we look at people in a negative way. I am guilty of this. I judge people by their look and with the situation they are in to. I did not realize that they have story to tell and that they did not intend to end up like that. I felt like an idiot after watching this video. I have alot of complaints and worries about life where in fact I am much blessed and lucky that I have a job, food on my table and house to stay. I keep complaining that my salary is not enough,where infact I have so much enough that I could share it to those in need. Im so blessed that I wish I could also be a blessing.