It's Showtime Fan Created An Open Letter To AlDub And Eat Bulaga! Shocking!

In the heat of the arguments between Eat Bulaga and Showtime, the fans and viewers of each show try to defend the network that they are supporting. 

A man named Elbert Cabilan Maranan who appeared to be a fan of Showtime claims that Eat Bulaga gave a worthless show when they were able to fill the Philippine Arena for the Tamang Panahon of AlDub

He compared the two shows that happened at the same time. During the Tamang Panahon of Eat Bulaga, Showtime was also having their celebration of their 6th anniversary at the Araneta Coliseum. 

Elbert also said that the production of Showtime was way better than Eat Bulaga because of the big stars that became their guests. 

But the fans of Eat Bulaga defended the show, they said that everyone was overwhelmed with the events that happened during the Tamang Panahon. It was totally worth it. 

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  2. Another LOSER that can't accept the fact the showtime hosts admitted that they've lost to eatbulaga