After Watching This Video I Am Convinced That Japan Has The Most Insane Game Shows In The World!

The Japanese people have been shocking the world with the insane game shows that they have been doing to entertain their viewers. 

Some may seem odd at first, but once you get the hang of what they are doing, you would really find yourself rolling on the floor because of the hilarious things that they have been uploading over the social media sites. 

One of these videos is the battle of two girls who needs to blow the end of  the pipe to avoid the 'Cicada' a relative of the cockroach from getting inside their mouths

AkBingo came up with this idea of having two women at the end of the transparent tube to blow the insect inside it. They will battle against each other and the loser gets the penalty of having the insect inside their mouth. 

Source: WereBlog

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