See How This UFC Fighter Hits On The First Filipina Octagon Girl During Weigh-Ins!

The beauty of Filipinas is definitely one thing to be proud of because it does not only appear on the outside but it is also reflected on the inside through their personalities. 

This is the reason why most foreigners want to marry a Filipina. Not only because of the physical beauty but for their attitude as well. 

Watch how the 24-year old UFC fighter Teruto Ishihara of Osaka, Japan flirted with one of the Octagon Girls before he went in for the weigh in. 

The woman that he hit on was Red Dela Cruz. She was the first ever Filipina to claim and become a part of the UFC world. 

From the wide pool of applicants from Asia, she was fortunate enough to be picked out because of her outstanding beauty that stood out from the rest. 

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