Joey De Leon Says 'Kawawa Ang Kalaban' Referring To Eat Bulaga's Rival Show!

Joey De Leon is known as the brave host who is not afraid to speak up his mind. Whether it is on his social media accounts or on live television, nothing will stop him from saying his opinions.

On the episode of Eat Bulaga last Monday, the host and veteran master of Eat Bulaga, Joey De Leon claims that the upcoming events of the 'AlDub' such as the Grand Fans Day would be a threat to their rival show.

He was not afraid to diss the other channel because of the fame of AlDub.

He even said there are upcoming activities that they should be worried about such as the birthday of Alden Richards, First Valentine's day of AlDub and Maine's Birthday. But the highlight of his speech was when he said, 'Kawawa ang kalaban.'

Source: ExtremeReaders

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  1. Ibagay nyu na ang ratings sa noontime show sa gma..dyan nlang nga sila bumabawi eh..