Kind Man Donates His Home To The Family Of A Homeless Single Mother Of Four! Heart-melting!

If you are blessed with everything you need, what else do you think you should do for a living? 

Well, this 51-year-old lawyer and lecturer named Tony, did something that left everyone in shock! 

His mother claims that she's surprised and at the same time confused when her son told her that he'll be moving back in his mother's home again. She thought that her son was out of his mind.

It turns out that Tony has promised to donate his three-bedroom and two-bathroom home to a homeless family. The lucky woman was Felicia Dukes, a single mother of four who has been living in the streets. 

Luckily, Tony wanted to donate his home to her family for a year and is even willing to pay for her electrical and gas bills.

Source: EliteReaders

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