Korean National begs for food and money in the Philippines. This will break your heart!

It is undeniable that it is really hard to live here in the Philippines. Whereever you go, there are street children who beg for alms.

But did you know that even Korean Nationals are also here in the Philippines to beg for money? Well, here's his story.

Photo Credit: Viral4Real

This Korean National named Jun YuJin moved to the Philippines to be with his Filipina Girlfriend. 

Photo Credit: Viral4Real

However, after quite some time, his girlfriend started neglecting him and even forced him to beg people for food and money.
Photo Credit: Viral4Real

It wasn't easy for him to beg for food and money because there are people who would hurt him first before giving him alms.

Let his story be viral online until his family in Korea recognize him and hopefully help him start a new life again! 

Source: Viral4Real

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