Korina's Photo While Falling In Line Caught The Attention Of The Netizens!

These days, people often do strange things while waiting for their turn in a specific line. But then taking photos to have something to post on social media isn't normal especially if you're a well-known broadcast journalist. 

All of a sudden, the wife of Mar Roxas, Korina Sanchez-Roxas became the center of controversies after she posted a photo of her while in line with a caption "On my way to Cebu for a speech. Aba, opo, pumipila po ako haha!"

Photo Credit: Korina Sanchez

After this post went viral online, the netizens started posting opinions about it.

Some claim that there's nothing to brag about this photo and photos like this should never be posted on social media.

However, the supporters of Korina quickly defended her!

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