This Man Found A Group Of Rattlesnakes. What He Did Next Was Unbelievable! Truly Insane!

Snakes are known to be one of the most dangerous animals that ever existed. It's dangerous fangs would give you a dose of venom that is more likely to kill a human. 

A single snake can already bring so much effect to the human body, what more if you discover a whole den of rattlesnakes lurking in the backyard of your house?

Well, this man named Michael J. Delaney showed that he has no fear of snakes. He discovered that there were a group of snakes hiding in a den near his backyard. But instead of call the authorities to get rid of the snakes, he grabbed his GoPro and decided to see what the snakes were up to. 

He filmed the snakes but the creatures started attacking the camera. Then it fell to the snakes. Despite knowing the risks of what he was doing, Michael still decided to save his camera using a hockey stick. 

People claim that this man surely have the guts to film the group of snakes. 

Source: Michael Delaney

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