Mark Zuckerburg Shared The Story Of A Hard Working Filipina Goes Viral!

The Founder of the biggest social media site Facebook Mark Zuckerburg shared the story of a young Filipina named Riza, who stopped dreaming and started working to achieve her goals.

In the island where Riza came from, the only job available for the women is collecting sea shells. Aside from that, there is nothing more from them. But she knew that it was not what she wanted all along.

With determination and perseverance, Riza claims that she wanted to be the first in their family to gain a degree in computer science and she made it happen with the help of 

It just happened that during the time that Riza and her group mates was supposed to make their thesis a strong typhoon hit the country causing them to be unable to see each other.

But with the help of, she accessed Facebook and was able to communicate with her group mates and finish their thesis. aims to provide free access to internet in places where the people could not go online.

This is an amazing story about Riza -- a young woman on a small island where the only job for women was collecting seashells, yet she used to earn a degree in computer science.Being connected means having opportunity. We're going to connect the whole world so one day everyone can achieve their full human potential -- just like Riza.
Posted by Mark Zuckerberg on Monday, October 12, 2015
Source: Mark Zuckerberg

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