Michigan Mother Found Disturbing Message From Philippines In The Underwear That She Bought For Her Daughter!

There had been a lot of stories of workers who are being underpaid and abused by their employers. Most of them claim that they could not ask for help because the employer might do something bad to them. 

But a woman from Michigan got a terrifying note from a worker who appeared to be asking for help.

Photo Credit: EliteReaders

A mom named Nicole Perez decided to buy a Tinkerbell underwear package for her little daughter. But when she opened the package she was shocked to see a little-handwritten note on a cardboard.

Photo Credit: EliteReaders

The note says, 'Help Me, Please.' The name and contact details of a person were indicated on the little piece of cardboard as well. The note came from the Philippines. 

Nicole tried contacting the number on the note, but she was unsuccessful. 

The President of Philippine American Cultural Center of Michigan, Rebecca Tungol, said that most Filipinos are using Prepaid mobile phones which are usually untraceable. She also claims that the Philippines has laws that would protect the workers from abusive employers. 

Source: EliteReaders

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