This Monkey And Duck Are Best Friends Since Birth.. They Died Together Showing The Real Meaning Of Friendship!

Friends are the ones who will accept you for who and what you are completely despite of having some imperfections. The friendship usually starts when two living organisms bound to get comfortable along with each other. And from then on, memories will be shared either good or bad.

Photo Credit: myyouthanimalwelfare

An unusual pair of best friends had gone viral over the social media sites. This monkey and duck had been living their life together as friends. They are pretty much inseparable  until a very unfortunate incident happened to them.

Photo Credit: myyouthanimalwelfare

The owner claims that he could not help but cry after seeing that the duck and the monkey died together showing how much they mean to each other.

Photo Credit: myyouthanimalwelfare

The monkey was playing around when he got contact into a live wire. It shouted for help because of the pain. The monkey could not get out of the wire. The duck tried to rescue the monkey, but it got electrocuted as well. 

It is very touching to see how these animals could sacrifice their lives just to save their friends.

Source: Viral4Real

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