Mr. Pastillas Broke His Silence About Alleged Wedding Photos! Check This One Out!

Richard Parojinog is the fourth suitor that courted the internet sensation Pastillas girl. He was the lucky guy who won her heart after a series of tests that was given to her suitors. 

But a controversy went viral over the social media sites claiming that he was just playing around with Angelica Yap after people saw a photo of him with a caption of  'Our Wedding Pic'. 

This created the speculations that he might just be using Angelica for fun. 

But Richard already gave his opinion about the rumors that was circulating in the net. He said that the photo was taken in one of their events hosted as an HRM Student. His classmates needed a bride and a groom in the event that was called 'A Wedding'. He even claims that it is just a photo. 

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