An Open Letter Written For Vice Ganda And Billy Crawford. You've Got To See This!

In the heat of the argument between Showtime and Eat Bulaga, the viewers can't help themselves but to give their own opinion towards what is happening. 

Last Saturday, Eat Bulaga had a blast at the Philippine Arena with AlDub's Tamang Panahon. In line with that, the rise of the phenomenal loveteam of Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza could not be stopped. 

The same time, Vice Ganda released his statement regarding the ratings of their show. It was the time when Vice Ganda gave his 'humble speech' admitting that they have lost to Eat Bulaga. 

Meanwhile, a woman named Annie Malvar expressed her dismay over Vice Ganda in an open letter that she wrote for the host. She claims that Vice Ganda may have gotten a 'sweet comeback'. She said that Vice forgot how to be humble when his career was on the top. 

It only goes to show that many people were unhappy with the words that Vice gave in his speech.

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  1. ABS CBN: talo parin kayo taga GMA kahit magtipon tipon lhat nang artista sa GMA talo parin kayo tsk! Di nyo mapapantayan ang ABS CBN si vice palang kalaban nyo nag sanib na lahat ng EB fans at GMA tsk! Haha lols #MAPAGKUNWARINKAYO.