This Professor Passed Away. What He Left For His Students Is Indeed Inspiring! I Cried!

Ever since we were little, we have been taught that our teachers will serve as our parents. When our parents failed to educate and to discipline us, our teachers will be there for us.

This the heartbreaking story of a professor who did everything for his students. But then, one of his students caught his attention.

He noticed that this student seldom goes to school and whenever he's attending his classes, he's always sleepy.

He then found out that the kid is already living alone and is working so hard to survive.

He claims that even if he finished his studies and claim his degree, no one will be proud of him. But the professor told him that he will be very proud of him once he finished his studies.

The man then became successful. But as they were growing old, they realized that their professor is also growing old. The professor was sick and he was the one who's giving him treatments and medication.

This video will make you realize how important teachers are. Their professor has a degree in medicine yet he chose to teach and inspire his students. 

Without teachers, other professionals like engineers, doctors, lawyers wouldn't exist! 

Despite that their salary isn't that much, they still chose to discipline, teach and deal with stubborn students. 

Source: Kim Tae Kong

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