Rare Money With Hidden Message Sold In An Auction For Over £300. Find Out What The Message Is!

A rare and old banknote that was used between the period of 1968 to 1973 has been the talk of the town right now. 

This 50 rupee banknote was said to be used by Seychelles. Now it is being sold out in a bid for more than £300 in an auction at the Duke's of Dorcherster in The Southwest, England.

If you have been wondering what made the banknote special well here, it is. The experts claim that the bill had a deceptive message that reads as 'sex' that was hidden in the leaves of the palm trees. 

Photo Credit: Duke’s of Dorchester

It lies next to the image of Queen Elizabeth II. When turned sideways the message could be seen. 

“This is a very collectable item for obvious reasons. Amazingly the added message wasn’t noticed – or was perhaps never mentioned until after it stopped being printed, said Timothy Medhurst. 

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