Real Ghost Seen By A Tanod In A Barangay Hall Goes Viral Online! Truly Unbelievable!

There are a lot of videos available online which prove that ghosts really exist. However, many claim that because of the technological advancement today, some videos are edited to make people believe that a video has captured a real ghost.

Another video became viral which shows a barangay tanod reviewing all the CCTV footages and he saw that a chair moved twice.

People claim that the barangay hall was used to cater to funeral wake and that is why they believe that the video is real.

The tanod got more scared because he was alone in the room. 

But there are still some who claim that this might be another prank to make others afraid.

I apologize for the noisy background that is not a part of the video itself, because this was taken through a cp from the TV monitor that is seen in the video. I would suggest to watch this video without its sound because we all know that majority of CCTV's dont have mic. This Tanod named Kuya Posong has witnessed this chair moving while he was in charge to secure the Barangay Hall of Barangay 547. This CCTV footage is around 11:43 pm October 19, 2015 and it shows that the chair moved twice. The earthquake happened around 9:50 pm and you will see in the video that the other objects didn't move. For your information this barangay hall is being used for funeral wake for how many years.
Posted by Mart Jimenez on Tuesday, October 20, 2015
Source: ExtremeReaders

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