Realtalk: Man Vents Out His Honest Opinion Towards Vice Ganda!

The netizens were unhappy about the statement that Vice Ganda gave when they celebrated the 6th anniversary of Showtime. 

Vice claims that they knew from the start that they could not defeat Eat Bulaga in gaining the number 1 spot for the noontime show. 

However, people claim that Vice was only doing it to gain the sympathy of the audience. 

One man spoke the truth about Vice Ganda's Pa Humble Speech. He said that it was wrong to say those words just because the ratings of Showtime is not as high as before. 

In line with that, there was a video that went viral over the social media on how Vice Ganda used to speak about the ratings of Eat Bulaga. It was clear how he mocks the other show just because they used to be on top. 

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