Russian Dancer Breaks Her Nose After She Did A Split. What She Did Next Is Indeed Surprising!

We've seen a lot of great performances in different talent competitions, but I must admit that this one that you're about to watch is probably the most professional.

The 23-year-old Russian girl named Ekaterina Kondrashina was showing off her skills in a Russian TV show. 

Everything was going smooth, she was able to show everyone that her body is flexible and that she can dance to impress the judges.

But as she was trying to impress the judges with a vigorous split, her face hit the dance floor! Everyone was indeed shocked, they were even expecting her to end her performance, but then she remained professional.

Despite that her nose was already broken, she still managed to continue and finish her performance

People claim that this woman just showed everyone what professionalism is.

Source: Viral4Real

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