She Was Trying To Open Up A Clam.. What She Got Inside Was A Huge Jackpot!

Pearls are one of the most precious and most expensive gemstones there is. It is admired for its beauty.

For years, these pearls had been the symbol of rare and fine. Many women wanted to wear these as jewelries because of the remarkable beauty of the stone. 

But did you know where pearls came from? Well, you need to check this out. A video of a women trying to cut open a huge clam. At first it seemed like it was just an ordinary sea shell that was found in the ocean but when they finally opened it up, a couple of pearls were waiting to be gathered inside. 

The pearls that they got inside the clam came in different shapes and sizes. But it is really amazing how they found these gems. 

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Posted by Xendan on Tuesday, August 4, 2015

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