Sick Customer Orders A Meal, What The Delivery Boy Brought Her Will Truly Make You Cry!

Did you ever think that a delivery boy could do something extra mile for their job?

Well, Alveel Kaith Cimafranca was surprised when a delivery boy took the request that she made seriously. 

Alveel was sick during that time and she was with nobody so she decided to call a local fast food restaurant to order some food. During the call, she also mentioned if the delivery boy could possibly bring her some paracetamol because she was not feeling well. 

When the delivery boy came, he delivered the meal in the 18th floor where the woman was living. He handed the meal and the paracetamol that she requested. 

The woman claims that she was overwhelmed by the act that the delivery boy did. Even though it was not a part of their duty, he made a generous act of caring for their customers. 

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