She's A Wife, A Mother And A Career Woman. But When Her Son Asked Her If She's Okay? I Totally Lost It!

In Japan, most women tend to let go of their careers and jobs after getting married. They are more focused on creating a beautiful home for their husband and kids. 

But not all mothers wanted to let go of their careers. There are some that claim that they could be a full-time mother, wife and worker as well. 

This ad by a software company named Cybozu will show you how hard it is to juggle the time for your family and career at the same time. The stress is doubled because of the 24-hour duty of being a wife and a mother. 

But despite all the difficulties, this strong mother is determined to keep what she does and what she loves at the same time. 

This goes to show how much respect we should give to all the hard working mothers out there who never complained about what they do. They just wanted to be the best wife, mother and career woman that they could. 

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