She Was Taking A Selfie In The Street Then Suddenly This Happen! An Eye-Opener For Everyone!

A lot of people have been addicted to taking selfies almost everywhere. From the time that they just woke up, outfits that they wear and even before consuming the food that they are going to eat. 

The purpose of this photos is to share it to their online accounts such as Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Tumblr. 

But some people have taken it to an extreme level. This video that was created by Flippish TV claims that this would be an eye-opener for all the people who are indulged in taking selfies almost everywhere. 

It is not wrong to take photos whenever you wanted to. You just have to make sure that your safety would not be risked. People claim that too much is dangerous

Let this be a story and a reason to be cautious on their actions. Share us your thoughts below.

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