Telstra To Enter Philippines Through San Miguel, Goodbye Slow Internet! Read This!

The long agony of the Filipino people because of the slow internet connection will end as Telstra confirms that they are planning on investing in the Philippines to provide the best internet connection that they could. 

Telstra is a large telecommunications company that is based in Melbourne, Australia.

Now, negotiations are happening between the Australian company and San Miguel which is one of the largest companies in the Philippines. 

The company aims to give wider access to 4g connection across the country. However, there are no exact dates on when the operations will push through. 

Despite that, PLDT and Globe claim that they are ready to compete with Telstra. 

The netizens claim that they are completely thrilled and excited for the plan that is happening to make the internet connection in the Philippines much better. 

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  1. How are they going to transmit signal? Via satellite or cell site? Hope via satellite