What Does Your Tongue Indicate About Your Health? Check This Out!

As we all know, the tongue's main duty is to let you taste whatever it is that you are going to intake. It is responsible for determining whether what you ate is sweet, sour, salty or bitter. 

But did you know that it is not the only thing that your tongue could do? Did you know that the tongue could also be a way to determine if something is wrong with your health?

Here are some of the characteristics of the tongue that could help you determine the status of your health

1. Lumps
This could be a sign that something really wrong is happening. It could be a cancer. You must immediately seek the help of the doctors. 

2. Cracks 
It could be a sign of aging. You just need to prevent it from infection. 

3. White Stain
It is a yeast infection. Often called as 'thrush'. 

4. Brownish tongue
It is a sign of bad hygiene. It says that the tongue is too dirty that needs to be cleaned. 

5. Painful Sores
Stress is the major problem when someone has these sores all over their tongue. 

6. Burning Sensation
When you feel the heat on your tongue you might be undergoing the stage of menopausal. But if you are not in the same age, it might be on the toothpaste that you are using. 

7. White patches
It means that something is irritating the tongue. You need to seek the advice of experts to know what is really happening with your tongue.

8. Bright Red Tongue
If it is bright red and you didn't eat something that could affect the color, then it might be something with vitamin deficiency. You need to consider taking in vitamin supplements. 

9. When you see Hills and valleys 
This is a sign that you are in good shape. It is just normal to see this. 

So the next time you check your tongue, make sure that it is clean and with hills and valleys. 

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