True To Life Exorcism Of Anneliese Michel That Terrified Millions Worldwide!

Exorcism is a practice of evicting the demons or other spiritual entities that are believed to be possessing the human body or an area. 

The most popular exorcism film is the 'Exorcism of Emily Rose' which was released on 2005. It was one of the most frightening films during that time. But did you know that it was based on a true story?

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It was the story of a beautiful German Girl named Anneliese Michel who experienced 67 exorcisms then passed away. 

Anneliese used to be a normal happy teenager who was pursuing her dreams. She is kind, polite and a religious girl. 
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In 1969, a terrifying incident happened when she started having convulsions and epileptic seizures. She was rushed to the doctors. The experts claim that it was psychosis and temporal lobe epilepsy.But her treatments were not leading her to recovery.

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At the time that she reached 20, she became intolerant of things related to religion such as crucifix. Her family then was convinced that it was not a sickness, but she was possessed by demons

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A secret exorcism rites were performed for 10 months with the help of Fr. Ernst Alt and Arnold Renz.

But after 67 exorcism rites, she passed away. Her parents were charged with negligent homicide. 

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