Two New Incidents Of 'Laglag Bala' Gang Took Place In NAIA!

There were two people who were arrested for bringing bullets inside their luggage again in the Ninoy Aquino International Airport. 

Photo Credit: WikiMedia

These incidents happened on Sunday when a Japanese National named Kazonobu Sakamoto was supposed to head back home to Japan. But then, the X-ray scanner of the airport found a bullet that was tucked inside the breast pockets of his long-sleeves inside his bag. 

Photo Credit: Lala Rimando

The luggage was manually checked then the bullets were found. He was immediately arrested when he failed to show documents that would allow him to bring the bullet.

On the same day, a 56-year old domestic helper in Hong Kong was also arrested for bringing a bullet in her luggage. 

The attorney of the OFW Gloria Ortinez said, “Although the investigation is ongoing our contention that Nanay Gloria did not know anything about the bullet in her bag is very strong.”

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