Vice Ganda Posted A Tweet Bad-Mouthing Bashers, Netizens Reacted To It!

In whatever we do there will always be people who have something to say. Whether you've done your best to make sure that it would turn out great, people will still have their own comments. 

That is just how this life goes. People could not help themselves from giving their opinions at a given situation. They could not contain themselves from providing negative feedbacks.

Especially if you are a television personality. There comes a time that you will just be fed up with all the things that the bashers are saying to you and you just wanted to say something nasty to them. 

This is what happened with Vice Ganda. He posted a reply to all the bashers that he has which was posted back on July 22. He bad mouthed all the people who are bashing him.

The netizens provided their mixed reactions towards the tweet. Some people claim that it is just natural to be mad sometimes.

People claim that this tweet was already deleted and some just wanted to have something to talk about. Do you really think that this was worth it? Share us your thoughts below. 

Source: BoyViral

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