What Happens When You Drink Two Glasses Of Water After Waking Up! Check This Out! Unbelievable!

Drinking water is really good for the body. It keeps away a lot of sickness. In Japan, people have been living for over 100 years old. They are also know as centenarians. Over 50, 000 are existing in Japan alone. 

How did it happen? Well, there is a practice in Japan to drink two full glasses of water after waking up. From the moment the they opened their eyes from their deep slumber, they must drink 2 glasses of water.

The Japanese Water Therapy is as easy as it seems. This should be done immediately after waking up. 

1. Before brushing your teeth, you must drink 160ml of water so that the water will not be contaminated by fluoride on toothpaste. 
2. Avoid any intakes for the next 45 minutes after brushing your teeth. 
3. Slowly eat your breakfast.
4. After eating breakfast, avoid eating for the next 2 hours. 

Experts claims that this practice could be a treatment for the following diseases.
1. High Blood Pressure
2. Constipation
3. Diabetes
4. Gastric
5. Tuberculosis

It is not a miracle but a fact that water really cures a lot of treatment. It rehydrates the body to prevent the sickness. 

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