This White Thin Man Entered The Sumo Wrestling Ring.. What Happened Next Was Shocking!

Sumo wrestlers are always pictured out to be men who are strong and gigantic in size. Their body is bigger than the usual because their weight helps them them to become more difficult to be thrown out of the circle. 

In every sumo wrestling fight, people are always looking for the big sized men. But this white man from Prague, Czech Republic  changed the vision of Sumo Wrestling. 

Takonoyama Shuntaro claims that he is the first man from Czech Republic to join the sport of Sumo Wrestling. He was born by the name of Pavel Bojar. He practiced Judo while he was in Czech Republic.

Because of his lighter weight, he relies on his skill of throwing the opponents out of the ring instead of tackling them down. He is truly exceptional for hisncredibly defeated a lot of opponents already. 

Source: Araibira Sumo

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