Who Is More Deserving To Be In The Big 4? Dawn Or Tommy?

As the Pinoy Big Brother reaches the end of the show, more and more tension and pressure are being brought to the regular housemates as they are now choosing 4 out of 5 people to stay in the house and be hailed as the Big 4.

In line with that, Big Brother asked them to select who they think are the 4 people who deserve to be in the top spot.

But Tommy was not one of the lucky housemates who got chosen. The other housemates claim that he is not deserving enough to earn a spot in the Big Four.

Tommy could not accept it he decided to go to Dawn and ask her for a debate in front of the other housemates and prove why he should have the spot of Dawn.

The conversation turned into a heated argument as Dawn decided not to give up her spot. She believes that she deserves it more than Tommy does.

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