Woman Survives Attack Of A Man Pretending To Be Someone She Knows To Fool The People Around Them!

A frightening incident was recalled by Maria Catrina in the streets of Countryside, Ilang-Ilang St. in Pasig City. She posted it on her Facebook account to warn others.

She was walking on the streets when a man grabbed her by the hand and threatened her that he has a gun. The man claims that he wanted to take the phone of Maria. But she was able to push him away.

But what happened next completely stunned the victim as the man started to shout asking Maria to 'come home' with him.

The people around them started to ignore them thinking that it was just a personal issue. But Maria kept on insisting that she does not know the man.

She ran towards the Orillaza Clinic and hid there when she saw that the man was coming back. The man kept following her. The man kept his script that he knows her and wanted to take her home.

Maria cried and cried which gave the doctors and pharmacists inside the idea that she really didn't know the man. They told the man to stay away and don't come near her or they will call the authorities.

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