This Man Lines Up 66, 000 Cups Of Colored Water. The Results Were Stunning! Salute To The Creator!

Arts can be found in different forms. Some artists tend to create masterpieces that are pleasing to the eyes yet it has a deeper meaning that is most likely to be misunderstood. 

But an artist named Belo, claims that he had an idea of using the colored rainwater and biodegradable cups in a total of 66,000 cups to make a wonderful work of art. 

The project aims to raise the awareness of the people towards the shortage of global water. They put color on the rainwater that they collected and started lining up the cups. 

The cups that they used was environment-friendly. A total of 100 volunteers helped out to make it work. They worked for 62 hours. If the cups would be piled up in a single line, it would take 5.2 kilometers!

Source: Serge Belo

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