7 Dangerous Reasons Why You Cannot Have A Good Night Sleep! MUST READ!

Sleep is one of the most important elements that a person should have every day. Whenever they lack sleep they are not just simply losing their energy for the next day, they are also risking their health. 

Have you ever wondered why you could not sleep at night? That moment when you have been awake all night trying to find a way to sleep but you just can't?

Well, these are some of the reasons why you cannot sleep at night. 

1. Bright Lights in Room
Dimming the room would help a lot. Keeping it as dark as possible is good. 

2. Cold Feet
Grabbing a pair of socks would improve the circulation of the blood. 
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3. Drinking coffee at night
Caffeine is a stimulant, it would make it more difficult to sleep.

4. Sleeping Position
The Sleeping beauty position is the best position to catch some sleep. 

5. Bringing things that would keep you awake
Such as Cellphone that would allow you to surf the net or a book to keep you reading all night. It removes your concentration on trying to sleep. 

6. Has A Full Bladder
Drinking a glass of water will keep you awake all night. 
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7. Preparing a sleep schedule
This schedule would help you in trying to catch up some sleep. 
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