7 problems that netizens have against Duterte as the next President!

It is undeniable that most votes of the citizens would really go for Davao City Mayor Rodrigo Duterte. A lot of people are pushing him to run for the presidential elections in 2016, they claim that Mayor Duterte best suits the position.

However, some people beg to disagree with the mind-set of the Filipinos. Some still believe that Mayor Duterte isn't what the Philippines need.

Here are 7 problems that they have in relation to Duterte in the Presidential Elections in 2016.

7 problems I have with Duterte running for president:

1. How can you take someone seriously who opted to run just because he feels “disappointed” with the current set of candidates? Feel mo God’s gift to the Philippines ang dating mo ganun? That sense of entitlement is dangerous.

2. If propaganda is the name of the game, Duterte could have easily won the best script and story. But presidency is more than keeping the audience at the edge of their seats. It’s about sitting with the rest of those leaders from APEC and ASEAN alike. What will you tell those leaders? That you were able to minimize crime by killing people yourself?

3. If all those dictatorship-implying comments are nothing but propaganda feeding into some Filipinos’ blinded sense of discipline, then that is irresponsible. But going with what is happening in Davao (the unresolved Davao Death Squad included), I doubt this is merely for a show. These are unique threats to real democracy that careless people are so blinded to put on the sidelines.
4. Duterte has never mentioned anything about his platform. You will say the other candidates as well, but for a local politician entering the national arena, we, as voters should be discerning enough to avoid the repeats of Binay (why the hell is he still using Makati as propaganda when he has served VP for five years now?). Let’s avoid falling into trap of politicans becoming famous for their words and start looking for substance. If national setup is not enough, I invite you to look at Indonesia’s Jokowi and to some extent, India’s Modi.

5. Duterte is a self-admitting human rights violator. Period.

6. At this early, I can see Duterte will disappoint and Filipino arrogance will again call on for a new leader since we are always like that: we feel entitled to everything but we refuse to comprehend that we ourselves should work for it and that nothing comes so easy that is not lost easily as well. We demand swift action that we see great failure to a presidency after a 100 days in office. To this end, Duterte will disappoint, not only because he is inexperienced, but he fails to comprehend the high expectations of people around him. He thinks he feels their pulse, but he barely touches the skin.

And 7…
Filipinos ourselves have committed the grave crime of connecting democracy to having choices. No matter how bad they are (just how many nuisance candidates do we have?) Worse, while most of the time we realize the bad choices that we have, we look at the other side and hail this as a vibrant democracy. This, by itself, is shallow thinking that Duterte proliferates.

Real democracy lies on the hands of an educated citizenry. Educated, not elitist. We have been fond of intelligence shaming that we do not see the value of looking behind the candidates like Duterte who resort to change that we do not really understand. Instead, we rely on our gut: we feel that when they say change, it will mean better transportation, it means more money in our pockets, more jobs and better lives. We are nothing short of expectations, but the bad part of it is we look for results IMMEDIATELY. That’s irresponsible. That’s naive. That’s hopeless.

That’s why I am NEVER for Duterte. Instead of promoting hope by advocating education and overall social welfare, he wrongly correlates crimes and social ills to as if people are naturally bad or stealers or killers that they deserve to die. He does not create hope or positive change as his much-awaited candidacy implies. Looking beyond the surface, he feeds into everyone’s hopelessness and become selfish himself.
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2 facebook-blogger:

  1. I think something is wrong with the title of this blog. So what if Duterte runs? Anyone can run. Even a jeepney driver can run for president.

    Anyway, there is a point in having reservations voting Duterte for president but saying he does not have a platform isn't one of them. Researching about Davao City itself in various websites and forums show that what he has going down south is progress surpassing that of manila in almost all aspects as well as being among those with the highest potential in southeast asia.

    Unlike others he sees no point in trying to prove himself for now by parading what he has already done in Davao city. Any candidate can do that. What the Philippines needs now is a leader with INTEGRITY which is so lacking among the candidates from Manila. Until somebody digs up skeletons from his closet other than his alleged human rights violations I see no problem with voting for him.

  2. What makes him so appealing? His blabbing disgusts me and his respect for the likes of women doesn't even exist. Two things: either i'm the fool who's telling the truth, or you're the angel who loves to believe the "good" in him. Who financed him? Will you accept his disrespect for women? Will you accept his campaign in his "justice"? Everyone must know that death, or political orders,
    create vengeance. And this vengeance will be soon succeeded by "justice" by anyone related to it. And it continuous that viscous cycle of hatred.

    Likewise, I see a downfall of the country's economy in his hands. I see stocks and ivestors going down and backing out. I see conflict with the our allies due to his mouth. I see dissappointed Filipino people that was once loyal to him, just like what happened to the rest of the previous presidents.

    I might be right or wrong on this, but I'd
    like you to erase your biases and carefully examine each of the candidates throughout. This country is ran by dirty politicians that easily blind us, Filipinos, and it makes me sick. Our votes are our future for the next 6 years, so vote with a logical perspective.