What Would Happen If Adele Impersonates Herself During An Audition In Front Of Other Adele Impersonators? The Outcome Was Incredible!

Using her powerful voice and strong vocal cords, Adele made an extraordinary standard when it comes to singing. 

Adele is now one of the most sought after singers not only because of the messages of her songs, but for her mesmerizing skills in singing as well. 

Now, she was about to make a remarkable yet hilarious act on stage as she tried to impersonate herself on stage. Her make-up artists made sure that no one would recognize her. She introduced herself as Jenny. 

Backstage, she was with the other aspiring Adele impersonators sharing their opinions about the performers not knowing that Jenny was Adele

When it was Jenny's turn, she  even acted out as if she was nervous. But the results were incredible! The other impersonators could not help themselves but get emotional as they face their idol!

Source: BBC

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