AlDub Fans Sends Death Threats To Jobert Sucaldito!

The war over the social media sites could not be helped as the haters and the supporters of the AlDub nation continues to battle out for what they believe in. 

Two photos have been making rounds over the internet. It is the newest post of Jobert Sucaldito and an Instagram user named randyalfonso001

Jobert again reacts towards the way that some of the fans of AlDub decided to react with his opinion about Alden Richards and Maine Mendoza's loveteam. He claims that he is even receiving death threats from the AlDub Nation which is not a good thing. 

And the post by a concerned citizen randyalfonso001 claims in his post as if the AlDub Nation does not have money to watch a movie or to buy products. He even called them uneducated. 

However, this war is not healthy. It is a free country so anyone is entitled to their opinion, but the fact remains that what ever you decided to support, you don't have the right to talk negatively towards other people. 

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