WARNING:Terrorist Uploads Video Saying That They Will Be Attacking The Philippines!

In line with the terrorist attack around the world, the Philippines received a warning through a terrorist hidden in the name of Abu Anas.

It was a group of terrorist that recorded the video stating that they will be attacking the country with the use of explosive bombs that they are going to attach to their bodies as they perform the suicide bombing.

They are going to do this to make the people suffer and their aim is to make the threaten and terrorize the people and not allow them to sleep because of their fear.

A message had been making rounds over the social media sites providing warning messages towards the people. They claim that the Philippines might be the center of attack because of the upcoming APEC Summit.


BABALA NG MGA TERORISTA SA ATING BAYAN.By: Kupal Lordhttps://www.facebook.com/KupalLordOfficial/?fref=photohttps://www.facebook.com/KupalLordOfficial/videos/808170782638212/

Posted by Denffrey Apangchan Alejo on Monday, November 16, 2015

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