The Baby Fell Into The Pool And No One Is There To Watch Him. What Happened Next? Shocking!

Accidents could happen in a blink of an eye. And no one can predict it when these accidents happen. What we can do is to prepare ourselves so that we can prevent it from happening. 

When a child is left unattended, even seconds count. During that short span of time anything could happen to them. 

Parents are always reminded not to take off their eyes from the babies because a lot of possibilities could happen. 

Like in this video that serves as an example for the parents out there. 

This baby accidentally got out of their house and walked over towards the pool. He dropped his toy inside and he wanted it back so he jumped on the pool. 

The good thing is that this baby is trained with Infant Self Rescue training that allowed him to float and cry to ask for an adult's help. 

Source: InfantSwimming

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