Big Brother Has a BIG Surprise For Miho! Shocking!

Big Brother Has a BIG Surprise For Miho!

The PBB Adult and Teen Big Winner was finally announced on Sunday. Miho Nishida was hailed as the Adult Big Winner of the PBB 737. But then it seems that Big Brother's surprises for Miho hasn't end yet.

Through a letter, Big Brother told Miho that she can live in the PBB house with her mother and her daughter while the house that she've won is still under construction.

Big Brother claims that Miho along with her family will temporarily stay in his house.

Miho was so glad with what she heard, but then she quickly told Kuya that she still needs to come back to Japan to fix Aimee's school papers.

Big Brother Has New Surprise for Miho :)
Posted by Pastillas Girl on Monday, November 9, 2015
Source: ABS-CBN

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